General Information


Each blade is forged as close to finished shape as possible. The blade is then ground on my KMG to a 220 grit finish.  After hand finishing to 400 grit the blade is stamped and Heat treated.  The Blade is sharpened and used to cut various materials such as leather, cardboard, wood and then used to chop deer horn.  If the blade passes those tests it is completed.


The materials I use to make knives are of the highest quality.

The blade steels I currently forge and am familiar with are 5160, 1084 and 1080.

The Guard materials I have used are Copper, Brass, 416 Stainless Steel, Nickel Silver and Steel.

The handle material I use varies depending on the intended use on the knife and the customers wishes.  I prefer to use Stabilized woods or natural woods that are very dense such as Desert Iron Wood.  Stag and bone also make very good handles.  I have limited experience working with ivory but I’m planning to change that.

Sheaths are wet formed to each knife after they are hand stitched from 8-9 ounce vegetable tanned leather.  After the sheath is allowed to dry, it is stained and dipped in Neets foot oil