About the Maker

I started my first knife in 1988 as a senior in High School.  My Metal Shop teacher read an article and thought I might be interested. He sent me to talk to Steve Keeslar to help get started.  Steve encouraged me and offered advice to keep me going.  But I didn’t finish the knife before graduation.  The knife was packed away and forgotten about while I was in the Coast Guard for the next 4 and a half  years.  When I came home I found and finished it. 

Since then I have attended several ABS Hammer-ins in Michigan and Ohio.  The ABS is an excellent organization.  In March of 2006 I passed my performance test under the direction of Joe Keeslar.  In 2007 I attended the Blade Show with my 5 finished knives and passed the review by 6 Master Smiths to become an ABS Journeyman Smith.

I am a part time maker with no plans of going full time unless I win the lottery  My wife and son are very supporting.

My goal is to provide quality knives at a fair price.

I also feel service and communication are important to this Business.